Single sitting modified radical vulvectomy and vulvoplasty in squamous cell carcinoma of vulva – a case report

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Journal of The West Bengal University of Health Sciences (JWBUHS) is the official journal of The West Bengal University of Health Sciences. It covers all the disciplines under health sciences viz. Allopathy, homeopathy, ayurvedic, unani, siddha, yoga & naturopathy, nursing etc.

Original articles, Review articles, Case reports, Letter –to-Editor, Commentary etc. within the purview of the health science are accepted. The journal is available in both print and online version. At present the journal is published quarterly i.e. 4 issues in a year.


Publisher is not responsible for the ideas expressed in any article; it is the responsibility of the respective author(s). Hence Publisher should not be made responsible for liabilities arising out of the application of that idea. The publisher does not give the guarantee of the quality or efficacy of any product or service that appear in the advertisements. Techniques and drug dosing should be evaluated keeping in mind the recent advances in health sciences.


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