Ph.D Program

(Minimum standards & procedures for award of Ph.D in Health Sciences)

  • Duration of Program:
    1. Full time – 3 years
    2. Part time – 5 years
    3. Maximum duration: 6 years (for both)
  • Ph.D Registration Valid for maximum 6 years for both Full time/part time students.
  • Course work:
    1. Compulsory pre-requisite for all Ph.D candidates
    2. Must be completed within first year after Ph.D Registration
    3. Completion of Course work requires minimum 55% qualifying marks or
      Grade B as per UGC regulation.
    4. Research Supervisor alongwith Research Advisory Committee
      Shall prescribe the syllabus of Course Work and recruit faculty
      To teach candidates and for Assessment thereafter.
    5. Certificates stating successful completion of Course work must
      be communicated to the University in writing by the officiating supervisor
      through Head of Department, Head of Institution of Ph.D Research Centre.
Submission of Research proposal: Through Research Advisory Committee within six months of Registration.
Synopsis/Research Proposal Confirmation Seminar and approval by PhD Committee.
a) Half yearly progress report through Research Advisory Committee till submission of final thesis. b) Two Presentations based on Ph.D research work in conference/seminar (Presentation Certificate needed). c) Research publication in peer reviewed journal – at least one (Proof of acceptance needed).
Submission of conclusion report / Draft Thesis (after 2 ½ years for full time and 4 ½ years for part time candidate.
Pre PhD Seminar and approval for writing Final Thesis.
Submission of final thesis for evaluation and recommendation for PhD viva-voce.
Formation of Board of Examiners for PhD viva-voce.
Open vivo-voce and defence of thesis.
11) Approval of Ph.D Award by Vice Chancellor and Depository with UGC.
12) Notification for PhD Award.

Note : Ph.D program is conducted in conformity to the extant guidelines/regulations issued by the UGC and WBUHS from time to time.