Orientation: Prepare for your candidacy by completing Research Methodology Course Work, Orientation in Publication Ethics, Copy Right, Plagiarism policies of regulatory bodies and getting to know Institutional facilities and policies. Before you begin your candidature, you’re encouraged to attend orientation, explore your faculty’s research facilities and services, and familiarize yourself with Research code of conduct and other academic standards.

Essential Facilities: Institute is supposed to provide access to a computer, printer access and appropriate software to support PhD research program. Candidate should also be provided with a desk, secure storage. Such resources may be shared, however the Institute will ensure that candidate has adequate and reasonable access commensurate to the research program and stage of candidature. Additional software support, as per requirement, must be ensured by respective Institute. Data storage must be arranged as part of Institutional research management plan.

    Faculty Specific Information

    WBUHS offers research programs leading to the award of PhD in Health Sciences under the following Faculties

  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Faculty of Ayurveda
  • Faculty of Homeopathy
  • Faculty of Nursing
  • Faculty of Dental Sciences
  • Faculty of Allied and Paramedical Education
  • Each Faculty has specific requirement for their higher degree by research students.

Code of Conduct, Academic Integrity, Conflict of interest & Complaints:

Code of conduct: You must abide by the ethical code of conduct in all your research activities.

Academic Integrity: It is your obligation to ensure you fully understand your academic integrity responsibilities to avoid academic integrity breaches such as plagiarism. If you are in doubt please seek assistance from your supervisors or Dean of Graduate Research.

Conflict of interest: If you suspect you may have a conflict of interest, notify or declare a conflict of interest disclosure, if necessary.

Complaints: If you have any complaints which have not been resolved in your Institute or Faculty you may direct complaints to the Dean of the Post Graduate Department.

PhD Registration

Valid for maximum 6 years for both Full time/part time students.

The University will initiate the procedure of Registration subject to fulfilment of all prescribed eligibility criteria relating to qualification of the candidate, availability of recognized Research Supervisors in proposed place of research work, keeping in mind the norms regarding scholar-guide ratio as laid down by UGC.

The University shall maintain a list of registered PhD students on its website on a year wise basis. The list shall include the name of candidate, name of supervisor/ co-supervisor, topic of research and date of registration.

Course work

Compulsory pre-requisite for all PhD candidates.

Mandatory course work of 6 months must be completed within the first year after PhD Registration.

Research Supervisor along with Research Advisory Committee shall recruit faculty to teach candidates prescribed syllabus of Course Work and certificates stating successful completion of Course work will be communicated by the officiating Supervisor through the Head of Department to the O/o Dean, WBUHS.

Completion of Course work requires minimum 55% qualifying marks or Grade B in assessment as per UGC regulation.

Research proposal / Synopsis

Registered candidates shall submit a detailed research proposal through Supervisor, duly recommended by Research

Advisory Committee and Institutional Ethics Committee within six months of date of registration.

Synopsis Confirmation Seminar

Candidature will be confirmed on approval of Synopsis / Research Proposal by PhD Committee & successful completion of mandatory course work within the 1st year of PhD program. If title of thesis and synopsis is approved by the University, his / her candidature will be confirmed.

Otherwise the registration is liable to be cancelled administratively.