PhD Program in Health Sciences

West Bengal University of Health Sciences

The PhD in Health Sciences under WBUHS is generally research based program to be completed within a timeframe of six years. This is based on original research conducted by PhD scholar and requires peer reviewed publications during the course of research. The program is available in both full-time & part-time option which may be completed within a period of 3 to 6 years. In general students are required to take courses that cover Statistics, Ethics, Research methodology, health policies & evidence-based medical practice.

Graduates of PhD in Health Sciences program typically advance their career in field of Health Sciences as research scientists or educators in higher education.

The current health care delivery and service paradigm demand that trained researchers to find innovative solutions to problems inside and outside of academic settings through original research.

From the perspective of safeguarding the reputation of the PhD as a research degree, universities develop institutional strategies to train young researchers by and through original research.

For safeguarding reputation of PhD as a research degree, University Grant Commission established Minimum Standard Procedures for implementation & monitoring of PhD program. Guided by National & International guidelines as well as evidence, contextual factors & University regulations, PhD advising / monitoring committees decide program strategies, operationalize roll out of these strategies, evaluate quality of proposed initiatives & continuously optimize their approaches.

Acceptance to the PhD program and progress (toward completion) are monitored by an Interdisciplinary PhD Committee at the level of the University. Each PhD student is fully integrated into a research group & complies with mandatory University PhD regulations regarding Minimum Standard Procedures prescribed by UGC.

Main criteria for acceptance are the professional background of the candidate, the fit with the supervisor, the subject of PhD research, the quality of the proposal—in particular the adequacy of the methods—and the fulfilment of the minimum standard procedures of the whole PhD process.

PhD programs begin with course work, leading to qualifying examinations, followed by a research project.

In line with university regulations, each PhD student is supervised by a Research Advisory Committee (RAC) of senior researchers at the Institute level. Each committee meets at least twice a year to discuss the student’s half yearly progress report. PhD in Health Sciences consists of supervised practical research under faculty-wise eligible Supervisors which leads to a PhD thesis. The University has no direct supervisory role.

As an educational platform, the PhD program’s goal is to enable students to become qualified researchers with a comprehensive knowledge base specific to their discipline, to enhance their research dissemination skills and advocate the promotion of research.

The PhD committee ensures quality control of the PhD project in respect to professional development as well as scientific conduct and research ethics.