Examination Management

The objective

To make examination management system more reliable, efficient and transparent, end-to-end use of ICT solutions are incorporated so that efficiency could be enhanced by automating activities which were conducted manually.

The end-to-end integrated examination management system can manage the entire operation of examinations in Universities. The comprehensive examination management solution includes following services:

  • Student Registration to issuance of Hall Ticket.
  • Question Bank & Question Paper generation.
  • Secure Delivery of Question Papers.
  • OMR and Barcode Technology in Answer Sheets.
  • Digital Scanning & onscreen evaluation of Answer Scripts. *Results processing & publication.
  • Online Application for Re-evaluation of Answer scripts. *Use of QR Code in Degree Certificates.

Students shall be benefited the most with availability of accurate information in click of a finger and timely declaration of results.

University Staff shall also be benefited as the process will be more efficient, data handling will be easy and tedious manual tasks shall be replaced by technological solutions.

This will also bring more credibility to the examination system of the universities.

Improvement in quality of services to the students/colleges/departments initiated by introducing services through online web portal, computerized counter at University, helpdesks & online availability of information.

Depending on the present status of computerization, usage of ICT in management of examinations systems is being done in a phased manner.