Chancellor’s Message

Excerpts from the “6th Convocation - 2018 speech” of His Excellency, Sri Kesari Nath Tripathy, The Chancellor, WBUHS and The Governor, State of West Bengal


“I take this opportunity to express my happiness to be a part of the 6th Convocation of the West Bengal University of Health Sciences in the capacity of Chancellor of this esteemed institution. This University is a perfect example of working silently and without much fanfare but dealing with the utmost important arena of our society – the Medical and Allied Sciences. We are having over hundred colleges and around one hundred and seventeen number of courses in different disciplines. This University with its very limited resources has been dealing with Modern Medicine, AYUSH along with other allied Sciences like Nursing, Physiotherapy, MASLP to name a few…… Around seven thousand students are enrolled on an average every year.

This University has shown its strong presence in Medical Allied Sciences as well. Be it M.Sc Nursing or other allied Post Graduate disciplines like M.Sc in Biotechnology, Microbiology, Human Genetics, Perfusion Technology, Operation Theatre Technology and Critical Care Technology. The University is offering Master Degree in Hospital Administration as well….

…..As a Chancellor I have noticed that this University is maintaining the desired standard at higher education – be it Post Doctoral Courses like DM/MCh or Ph.D in various disciplines or at Graduation level. Keeping the fact and figures in mind I am proud to be a part of this university where the standard and importance of the courses offered by them are being maintained; more so, because being not very old, this University is still at a nascent stage as far as infrastructural facilities are concerned. On a positive note, I am glad to let you know that the faculties and the medical administrators associated with this University are at their best effort to upgrade the infrastructural facilities of this institution…… An initiative has been taken up by the Health and Family Welfare Department to overhaul the system so that the work could be expedited and the process of “waiting” usually associated with such type of work could be minimized. Effort is going on to computerize the entire system to make the work flawless and meticulous. Having very limited infrastructural facility could not prevent this university from pursuing research based work or project based work. Every year this University produces Students with degrees from Graduation level in medical and allied sciences to highest level including Ph.D, who are leaving their imprint in Medical Education or Medical Service and making us realize how important this institution is.

But such type of initiative needs cooperation from every one. Vice-Chancellor, as a leader of this institution, has included every staff, every single person attached to this organization, no matter in whichever capacity, in the process of amelioration of this University. As a Chancellor my support for every initiative taken up by this University will always be there. This University is dealing with such a science which fulfils the basic requirements of every human being. The requirement starts right at the moment when a mother goes to the labour room to give birth a child and from that very first day that particular person born, needs support of this science as long as he or she lives in this world. Therefore, this University deserves more attention and perhaps more encouragement.

I consider this as my privilege to be a part of this entire effort. I also wish every success for this University in the years to come. Hope I will be fortunate enough to witness that the name of this University has remained incandescent years after years.

Last but not the least, my heartiest congratulation goes to those who are present here today to receive Degree Certificates and are going to make their presence felt into the field of Medical Science with more knowledge and wisdom. As a Chancellor I take this opportunity to remind them that, it is their wisdom on which not only our State of West Bengal but also our entire Country and sometimes the World depends and expect them to show us a way and lead us to a more enlightened world of Medical Science.