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Ph. D Program

New Ph. D programme - 2017 [ N E W ] 15.02.2017
01. Application check list 10. Conclusion Report
02. Half yarly Progress Report 11. Fee structure
03. Proposed Panel of Examiners 12. Ph. D Thesis Evaluation Protocol
04. No Objection 13. Thesis Evaluation Format
05. Consent by Guide and Co-Guide 14. Front page Annexures
06. Thesis submission form 15. Ph. D Regulation 2017
07. Guideline - Thesis Proposal 16. Application form
08. Thesis Certificate 17. Plagiarism certificate
09. Flow-chart .  

Ph. D Viva voce [pub. 06.01.2017] [NEW]
Ph. D Viva voce
[pub. 24.11.2016]
Ph. D Viva voce
[pub. 8.11.2016]
Ph. D Course Work
[pub. 26.10.2016]
Ph. D viva-voce exam.
[pub. 19.10.2016]
Ph. D viva-voce exam. - Alip Ghosh
[pub. 23.09.2016]
Ph. D viva-voce exam. - Somenath Dutta
[pub. 27.07.2016]
Ph. D awardees under WBUHS as on 27.06.2016
[pub. 27.06.2016]
Recent notice for Pre Ph.D seminer - 2016 [pub. 26.08.2016]
Pre - Ph.D seminer 2016 -
members invited for the Ph. D Committee
[pub. 11.04.2016]
Notification for provisional Ph.D enrollment
[pub. 13.04.2016]
Notice for Ph. D programme dt. 03.06.2015
Pub. 03.06.2015
Details of Model O.M.R sheet answering through M.C.Q Pub. 03.06.2015
Application form for Registration of Ph.D Program Pub.12.08.2014
[Form for selected candidates of Ph. D programme-2013]
Not for fresh applicants of 2014
Notice for Ph.D programme under W.B.U.H.S Pub. 05.09.2014

Minutes of the Ph. D Committee held on 12.06.2013 pub 17.06.2013
Minutes of the Ph. D Committee held on 22.04.2013 pub 24.4.2013
Ph. D Committee - Regulations, Structure, Annexure, Flow Chart, Final Report pub 26.4.2013
Course Work Outline - Download Pub.26.04.2013
Notice inviting applications for “Ph.D Research Work” for the session July-2013 Pub.30.04.2013
List of students undergoing Ph. D courses Pub.28.05.2013
First meeting of new Ph. D Commiittee Pub.10.06.2013
Reconstituion Ph. D commiittee Pub.10.06.2013
Approval / disapproval - Ph. D program Pub.19.06.2013
Minutes of Ph. D with addendum Pub.5.09.2013
Pre- Ph. D. Registration Pub.9.09.2013
Notification for Pre- Ph.D Seminar Pub.18.03.2014
Pre- Ph.D seminar - Alpanamayi Bera Pub.1.08.2014
Pre- Ph.D seminar - Vineet Kumar Khemka Pub.1.08.2014